Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Prudential Welcomes New Mortgage Lenders

This morning at the Four Season's hotel in Las Vegas, Prudential Americana Group Realtors introduced Adam Kearney and Eric Torykian as the newest high profile mortgage lenders to join MJM Home Loans, an affiliate of Countrywide Mortgage. I have been privileged to work with Adam and Eric for years, and was tremendously excited about them joining the company.

I originally met Adam when he was coaching wrestling to my two young sons. He was still in college at the time, and had been the Nevada state wrestling champ his senior year in high school. It takes an amazing commitment and drive to become a state champion, and wrestling is a team sport as well as an individual competition. Adam brings the same kind of all star dedication and enthusiasm to Las Vegas mortgages that he did to wrestling, as well as the team spirit necessary to put deals together. And he never gives up on a client when trying to find the perfect loan that will allow them to purchase their dream home. Adam specializes in knowing all the different loan programs, no matter how obscure, and matching them to the client's needs. And he has a phenomenal staff behind him, getting paperwork processed in an expeditious manner.

I have called on Adam many times when the buyer's lender on one of my listings left us all hanging at the last minute after promises that the loan was "good to go." He has literally taken a loan, packaged it, gotten it approved and funded it within 3 days, start to finish. To get the job done, he has even had his processors literally get on a plane and fly to another city with loan docs, gotten them signed and notarized and flown back so that the loan could be funded on time. That kind of service is why I have followed Adam through five different mortgage companies over the years, and am honored to call him a friend as well as a business associate.

In these days when many mortgage companies are shutting their doors and are unable to put together a loan package that gets funded, lenders like Adam and Eric, with their commitment to customer service, are essential to any real estate transaction.