Sunday, July 06, 2008

Outstanding New Home Protection Plan for Las Vegas Buyers

Innovative new American Home Shield® Product Maximizes Flexibility, Minimizes Questions for Purchases on Las Vegas Homes or condos as well as nationwide. Direct from American Home Shield - one of the Tonnesen Team's featured guest bloggers and preferred home warranty providers.

A dynamic solution for marketing properties, delivering service excellence, protecting clients and increasing customer satisfaction is within the reach of real estate professionals nationwide. The unique AHS® Home Warranty FlexPlan® offers unprecedented levels of coverage and price options, allowing agents and homeowners to customize the plan to fit their specific needs. With this plan, homeowners can choose coverage for items and services never before available in the home warranty industry.

Easy to use and understand, the FlexPlan is available ONLY through real estate transactions. Developed in direct response to suggestions and requests from customers and the real estate community, it replaces all previously available American Home Shield products and streamlines product offerings.

FlexPlan customers can choose options starting with the Core Coverage Plan, the basic services package and foundational AHS product. Customers can then choose to add one or both bundles of coverage through the ServicePlus and CoveragePlus packages, as well as additional options from the list of FlexPlan add-ons. Depending on the level of protection chosen, coverage may even include unexpected costs related to permits, code violations, improper installations, mismatched systems, septic systems, geothermal conditions, and more. As well, clients can choose to cover such items as ceiling fans, pools, spas, freestanding ice makers, and second refrigerators, to name a few available options.

The FlexPlan’s full-service package is a highly effective marketing tool for agents that can help encourage quicker sales and may discourage downward price negotiation on Las Vegas homes for sale. Since every house and every situation is different, the price and coverage options available through FlexPlan enable agents to present inventive solutions to their clients, fostering increased service satisfaction and repeat business. In addition, having the industry-leading AHS brand associated with a listing can help attract buyers and inspire confidence.

With this total package of flexible coverage and exceptional customer service, AHS continues to seek innovative ways to partner with real estate professionals and to deliver superior customer service to home buyers and sellers. Today, AHS is proud to provide more than 1.2 million home warranties nationwide.

For more information or to purchase an AHS Home Warranty FlexPlan, visit, call 1-800-735-4663, or contact your local AHS Account Executive. To find the AHS account executive in your area, ask your Las Vegas real estate agents to visit the web site and click the “Find an Account Executive” link. Remember, these plans are available only through your agent.