Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Las Vegas Real Estate Agents Fire Buyers!

It doesn’t happen every day, but every once in a while Las Vegas real estate agents fire buyers! Real estate agents as a whole work harder than the average person in a 9 to 5 job. They are on call 24/7, and, especially in today’s market, often work for minimum wage when you count up all the hours and expenses that go into a transaction. That is why it is especially important for real estate agents to realize the value they bring to the table and when they should fire buyers that are just not worth their time.

Sometimes the agent doesn’t know the buyer’s mindset going into a transaction, but sometimes the buyer tips their hand in advance, like this actual letter we received on Valentine’s Day. Tim writes:

“I am seriously considering buying Las Vegas homes, BUT ONLY on a KILLER DEAL. I am not interested in a good, great or market price deal. I can pay cash, so there won't be any financing. So, probably a Las Vegas foreclosure, but open to all. I know that there are killer deals out there because I know of them all around me here. So, please, only a straightshooter reply to me.
My criteria: $50-100K. House, new or newer preferably, but not mandatory, 2> beds, 1>bath, a real fireplace is a must, garage, yard or acreage, good area/part of town. I have more likes/dislikes, but these are the standard facts.

I am retired. I want to be near or in relatively close driving distance to golf courses, casinos that have concerts, places to walk and hike, and take my dog. You get the picture?

I don't have a timeframe. As I said, if it is the killer deal for me then I am ready to buy today, or willing to wait until tomorrow, in a week, month or year or more until that deal transpires.
I want an agent that knows Vegas extremely well, is not pushy, is not in desperate need of a sale, will work with me on what I want and not what they want, and obviously knows real estate. Don't laugh. There are way too many people that received their licenses during the big boom years ago that don't know a thing about real estate, and many of them are still out there with their license. Please don't reply because I will know.

If you have someone qualified and interested, let me know, and we can talk.

Since we received this letter on Valentine’s Day, we decided to have a little fun with it and instituted our First Inaugural “Kiss Off the Client” Contest. Agents contributed entries to let Tim know (politely) why they were firing him in advance. Below are a few of the entries submitted:

“Dear Tim, You’ll be excited to know that every home for sale in Las Vegas is by definition “a killer deal”. Knowing that should take a lot of the pressure off of both of us.

The remainder of your criteria you’ll find out in Pahrump, Nevada. Are you interested in looking at a few properties there? If so, I’ll be happy to recommend an agent. Make sure to pack your snake and scorpion repellant. Judy”

“Dear Tim, I would love to help you, but sadly my dog ate your listings. As he is on an all starch diet and will probably continue to eat your Las Vegas MLS listings for the foreseeable future, you will need to find another agent to assist you. As a dog owner yourself, I am sure you understand. Good luck! Dave”

“Dear Tim, Since killer deals seem to be falling off the trees right where you are now, why would you want to come to Las Vegas? Please let me know where you are so I can get my real estate license there! Gina”

“Dear Tim, The Good News: Our Las Vegas real estate agents are all HIGHLY experienced, with pit bull negotiating skills, impeccable integrity and incredible work ethics. The Bad News: They are all so successful and already have so many wonderful, motivated clients, none of them are “available” to help you. Management”

Please feel free to use these excuses the next time you are approached by a buyer that needs to be fired!