Monday, March 31, 2014

Get a Loan One Day Out of Foreclosure!

A local Las Vegas lender is thinking outside the box with three brand new loan programs for Nevada home buyers! These mortgages are truly unique and no other lender is offering them.
  1. Fresh Start Program - One day out of foreclosure or short sale with 20% down payment! If you've been told before that you had to wait one to seven years to purchase a home, wait no more. This program is designed for owner occupants only, and the interest rates are outstanding.
  2. 5% Down Jumbo Loan Program - This program is designed for owner occupants, but vacation home buyers can also get in on it with 10% down.
  3. 5% Down High Rise Loans - No other lender in Nevada has 5% down mortgages for high rise condos. The 5% down program is for owner occupants, but second home buyers can also purchase a high rise with 10% down.
  4. 5% Down "Unwarrantable Condo Loans - most residential condos in Las Vegas cannot be financed because of owner occupant to renter ratios. This has put a real damper on condo sales over the past 7 years. Now owner occupants can buy a condo with as little as 5% down in any project that does not have structural litigation, opening up a whole world of possibilities instead of just a handful. And second home owners can have the same opportunity with 10% down.
For more details on each of these exciting new loans, go to New Nevada Mortgage Loan Programs. Or call 702-985-7654.

These programs are only for properties purchased inside the state of Nevada by US citizens.

Still can't qualify quite yet but want to buy a home? Try private money mortgages. The interest rate is high, but over the long term it may be much cheaper than the price increases the Las Vegas Valley has been experiencing.

New Mortgage Loan Program One Day Out of Foreclosure!