Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Ultimate Las Vegas Party Home!

As a Las Vegas real estate agent, I have seen some really cool houses over the years. (I have thousands of great ideas I would love to try out if only my pocketbook matched my dreams.)

But Friday was extra special. I got to see a home that was 25,000 square feet of pure unadulterated Man Cave. No, that is not a typo. The home is really 25,000 square feet and is listed for $12M, which is actually an incrediblly LOW price per foot for the neighborhood and the amenities.

Anyway, one of my agents was previewing for a client that is coming to town, and she happened to ask if I would like to go with her. Usually I have to say no because I am always so slammed at work, but for once I decided to play "hooky" and tag along.

Like I said, I have seen many exclusive Las Vegas homes over the years, but this one was something else. It is located in McDonald Highlands, an exclusive gated country club community in the Green Valley Ranch area of Henderson. The property is still under construction on one acre (though the acre next door is also for sale - it is a Las Vegas bank foreclosure - and could be purchased at the same time), and it is just across the street from Rich McDonald's home - developer of McDonald Highlands.

Even unfinished, this home has loads of personality. The owner/contractor met us and gave us a personal tour and we were blown away, especially by the "play" areas of the home. Just a few of the indoor amenities in the family room included:

  • ten car garage with glass viewing window from the family room so your guests can see your Bentley and Rolls without getting up off the couch
  • 30 person professional theatre room with stage and dressing room for private plays
  • wall length aquarium with built in TV screens that rise up within the tank so your exotic fish can enjoy HBO or Showtime along with you
  • raised dias for band or DJ for your parties
  • full size kitchen (that is bigger than the one in my home)
  • game station area with two screens for competitive Wi matches
  • full size state of the art gym
  • spa room with two pedicure chairs, perfect for a girl party
  • two lane regulation Brunswick bowling alley
  • extra room for either your shooting range or golf practice range

The gigantic pool area was also spectacular, with swim up bar, outdoor kitchen, cascading waterfalls, bridges and multiple outdoor seating patios. Above it sits the "Poker Room," encircled by a true "lazy river" for drifting along in your innertube on a hot summer's day.

And of course the rest of the home is packed with fabulous and one of a kind ceilings, countertops, floor coverings, etc., all in very contemporary design with floor to ceiling windows and hundreds of planters scattered throughout. For the money, this may just be the best value in Vegas, and for sure it will be the most fun!! So if you are looking for the ultimate party house, give me a call and we'll go take a look.