Saturday, September 29, 2012

How Important is a Home Inspection?

How important is a Home Inspections to a new homeowner like me? Extremely Important! A house we purchased in the past had hidden health hazards that we didn't find until we tried to have carpet installed in our basement. Asbestos was hiding under the floor tiles so we were stuck having to deal with it because we didn't have a home inspection to find this hidden danger before we purchased the house. Using a reputable inspection company is important and it's easy to find comments and feedback about companies on the internet in addition to your realtor's suggestions.
We decided to get a home inspection when we purchased our home in Las Vegas not only to find any problems, but also because we weren't familiar with how houses are built here. For example, the hot water heater didn't have a drip pan underneath - one of the very first things we had fixed when we moved in. We were extremely thankful for that information when it decided to start its massive leaking at 3am. The pan caught the water and diverted it through a pipe leading outside. The home inspector also explained what a Heat Pump is; to look for dripping from overflow pipes; how roof tiles differ from a shingled roof; and many other informative tips.
The detailed report we received from our home inspector has been very valuable not only pointing out problems and repairs, but also maintanance tips and general construction information. It's like having an Owner's Manual on our home.