Friday, July 11, 2008

Going Green with Las Vegas Real Estate

Green, Green and more Green by Lisa Santacaterina, a Tonnesen Team guest blogger and Las Vegas real estate agent

I am not one for "banging on my drum" about turning green or saving the environment or green house gases. That said, I am all for "Green Building" or Environmental Friendly Building" on the basis that it makes sense, and why would you not go green in this case?

Since when was building a home to be durable, energy efficient, built from renewable materials and with a low toxic content a bad thing?

If we turn this around, you have got the following: a poorly built home that is wasting money through poor insulation and energy efficiency, and one that is made from materials that could cause harm to you and your family. And of course, it actually costs you money.

So as I stated earlier, "Why would you not go green?"

And what is "green home building?"

I am fairly sure that if you look around at any Las Vegas new homes construction that is going on, you will not go far before you run into something that is "green." Green building, in short, very short, is building a home with three key elements:

Material Selection (renewable, durable, recyclable, etc.)

Building Performance (Energy Efficiency, Air Quality, low toxicity, etc.) and

Site Development (re-vitalizing existing developed areas, down sizing homes, reduced water run off, providing shade cooling, xeriscaping, etc.).

Making the home as tight as possible will have an incredible impact on your heating and cooling bills.

There are several good websites out there that will give you information on green homes or making you home greener, try, or for an endless resource of articles and videos. While on the Low Impact Living website be sure to check out my profile and visit my personal web site at:
Or find local organizations like The Las Vegas Green Performance Network (, a local non-profit organization. The Las Vegas Green Performance Network is a community of consumers, corporations and organizations who promote Eco-information for Las Vegas homes, and progress and share a mutual interest in protecting the environment. At The Las Vegas Green Performance Network, information and an open dialogue is expected to both stimulate new interest in the green lifestyle and act as a foundation of action. The Las Vegas Green Performance Network also holds monthly meetings, bringing green products directly to consumers. These meetings allow consumers to see, touch and feel in a no pressure, no sales environment.

To understand what makes a house "green", the US Green Building Council has set up an industry wide certification program, LEED for Homes, to promote, certificate and monitor "green" homes.

Lisa Santacaterina is a valued member of the Tonnesen Team of Prudential Americana Group REALTORS, and she is one of only a handful of certified EcoBrokers in the Las Vegas Valley. To find out more about homes for sale in Las Vegas and how to buy a “green” house, Lisa can be reached at 702-540-2956.