Saturday, December 01, 2012

Homeowner Help from Nevada Energy!

Tips from a Las Vegas Homeowner about what to do with old appliances 
What do we do with our old appliances? My old frig wouldn’t fit in the backseat of my sedan, so I really needed to figure out what to do. After asking a number of local appliance companies about "Delivery Of The New and Haul Away The Old" fees, I ran across a little known secret about Nevada Energy. Nevada Energy has a rebate program where they will not only come pick up the refrigerator, but they will mail you a rebate check for $50!!! 

If your refrigerator still gets cold and is between 10-30 cubic feet in size, you can call 1-877-289-8260 to schedule a pick up. You need to have it plugged in so they can verify at time of pick up that it still gets cold, and they will mail a check for $50 to you in about four weeks. And since they have a 4 hour window for pick-up, I was told I can simply run an extension cord to the Refrigerator, set it out on the driveway with a note giving them permission to haul it away, and when I get home from work – it will be gone! I love it! And it worked like a charm.
Now I need to find out what to do with an old stove and microwave….. I’ll let you know.
by Lisa Alberian
Tonnesen Team Administrator Extraordinaire